Enrolment process

If your child turns 5:  

  • before 1 May, they can start primary school at the start of the year. 
  • after 1 May, they can start the next year. 

Your child must be at school by their 6th birthday.  

If our school is not your local school, you can still apply to enrol, but enrolment will only be offered if we have places available.  

Visit the school enrolment section on the department’s website for more information.

Mid-year intake from 2024

From 2024, there will be a mid-year intake into school.

From 2024, if your child turns 5 years between 1 May and 31 October, they can start school in either:

  • term 3 of the same year
  • or term 1 the following year.

Students enrolled through a mid-year intake will complete 6 terms of reception.

Apply to enrol

Step 1: You can get a form from our front office.  

Step 2: You’ll need to provide: 

  • a copy of the child’s original birth certificate or passport 
  • an immunisation certificate 
  • residency visa, if you’re a non-Australian resident 
  • proof of address (for example utility bill or lease agreement).  

Before starting school, you’ll get a letter to let you know that your child has been accepted.